Wallace Remodeling, Inc.

(General Contractor, Remodeling Contractor)

Wallace Remodeling, Inc.
License: 601656, 348950
400 Day Street
San Francisco, California
Voice: (415) 550-1993


  • “I knew Kevin was the person I wanted to work with the moment I met him. We had a problem with water seepage, and the people we hired before were unable to solve it. Wallace Remodeling spent a lot of time looking over the situation, then came up with great ideas. They had to remove the entire back deck, and they re-did it with tile. They also put in hardwood floors and a closet inside. They’re very professional and were really nice to work with.”

  • “People are just in awe when they walk into my kitchen! Kevin is very creative and he offers excellent suggestions. They also put in a bedroom suite with a dressing room and bath. It looks wonderful!”

  • “I have a beautiful 1924 home that needed the kitchen and bathroom remodeled. They were great— they knew exactly what I wanted. They have an excellent regard for older homes. They are unpretentious and they’re always on top of everything.”

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For large-scale remodeling jobs – those 200K + projects that require architectural design, structural engineering and high-quality finishwork, smart San Franciscans call Wallace Remodeling, Inc.

One of the oldest residential remodeling contractors in San Francisco, Wallace Remodeling has the project management and specialized skills to ensure that your remodel proceeds on time, and to original budget. Dealing with one company from start to finish is a tremendous benefit.

“What makes us unique is that we have have the necessary architectural talents under one roof,” says owner Kevin Wallace. “Ron Kardon, our in-house architect, creates unique design plans tailor-made for the site, the home’s existing architectural style, and the owners’ wishes.”

Whether it’s creatively maximizing the available space, navigating the maze of Building Department regulations regarding height and/or requirements for additional parking, or diplomatically negotiating the different aesthetics of husbands and wives, Wallace Remodeling makes the project happen. Kevin is also a Certified Remodeler, a title that less than 1% of builders qualify for.

“The homeowners we work with are often very sophisticated with regard to design,” says Kevin. “They want a builder who ‘gets it’ – I ‘get it’. When we remodel or add on to a home, the work is seamless,” Kevin explains. “It looks as if the property was always that big, not two parts bolted together.

“It sounds like a cliche, but we really do solve problems. Our 31 years experience lets us anticipate obstacles before they arise.”

When it comes to cost, realize that many builders will quote you an attractive low price to land your job, then kill you with “change orders” that often cause it to end up costing $100,000 or more than planned.

“We don’t low-ball to get the job, but then we don’t hit you with change orders either. At the end of the day, we are often less expensive than the low bidder.”

Wallace Remodeling specializes in whole house remodels, additions, Victorian restorations, architectural design, and structural and seismic upgrades. Check out the photos of their work at www.wallaceremodeling.com.

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