Walter Jordan Building Contractor, Inc.

(Concrete Contractor, Foundation Contractor, General Contractor, Remodeling Contractor)

Walter Jordan Building Contractor, Inc.
License: 796891
70 Balcita Ave
San Francisco, California
Voice: (415) 564-7546


  • “Walter Jordan did an excellent job on our house! He added on a bathroom, a bedroom, a family room, and remodeled our kitchen. He really went above and beyond our expectations, and finished right on time, and on budget. My husband is an engineer, and they worked very well together on the project. He worked well with our whole family! We all love the job he did.”

  • “He’s the best builder we’ve ever worked with. We found him in The Good Service Guide, and he has done so much work for us. We’ve used him for remodeling, and fixing some dry rot on the front part of our house and deck. We live in a sound house now, thanks to him. He is very competent, reliable, and easy to work with. He doesn’t do unnecessary things. We wouldn’t have anybody else.”

  • “They did a big remodel on our dining room, hallway, and bathrooms, and we were very pleased with everything! We had walls completely redone and skylights installed. I really could not be any happier with the way the house looks! Walter has a lot of integrity and really did a great job.”

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Not every homeowner is looking for a showcase kitchen or a palatial bathroom. Sometimes it’s the basic, structural house parts that need work – a deck that’s dangerous and needing to be re-built, or an infestation of dry rot to be removed and walls re-stuccoed. Perhaps you’d like a sturdy wood fence put up around your property?

These skilled carpentry and construction projects are way beyond the abilities of a typical handyman. At the same time, those jobs are often “too small” for most remodeling contractors, who usually don’t take on projects with budgets less than $150,000.

After almost 20 years of remodeling “high-end” homes in the City. local builder Walter Jordan says he also does smaller jobs -– the $5,000-$25,000 projects that he and his carpenters can complete quickly and efficiently, in a week or so.

“We are the affordable builder,” says Walter. “We build and repair decks and staircases, convert basements, and add earthquake bracing. We can also add a bathroom., a kitchen and all types of home remodeling.

“After working on so many homes in San Francisco, we can quickly obtain all the necessary permits. And when it comes to the actual construction, we know what the Building Department inspectors need to see to sign off on our jobs first time.”

“We get in and out quickly, and we get the job done.”

Listed in the Good Service Guide for over 15 years, (without a single complaint, ever!) Walter says he works on every job, providing hands-on management and high quality craftsmanship, at a price that’s fair.

His wife, Tina, helps him manage the business when she’s not taking care of their three boys. Together, she and Walter will give you their complete care and attention.

“Call for us a free consultation,” says Walter. “We’re here for all your building and construction needs.”.

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