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  • “I have a home office with a complicated four computer network, and it was hard for me to get anyone to come out and do a house call. I’ve been in business as an accountant for 12 years, and they are by far the best computer people I’ve found.”

  • “As a home-based, one person business, I just don’t have the time to deal with computer issues. Nerd4Rent ensures that I can keep working at home and in the field.”

  • “Edward has been taking care of our computers here at the Lafayette Chamber of Commerce for several years, and we just absolutely love him. He teaches a class here every other Tuesday of the month, and he’s a great guy.”

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Tearing your hair out trying to get your computer to work? Either it won’t print, or it won’t recognize your digital camera. Sometimes you can’t send e-mail or surf the internet. And as for those inexplicable “crashes”…

Resist the urge to throw the darn thing out the window. Call Nerd4Rent.

Edward Zeidan’s team of sympathetic computer technicians (“nerds”) will quickly get you back up and running, while explaining what went wrong in simple layman’s terms, and (hopefully) putting an end to the problem, usually in just one visit.

Nerd4Rent has focused on individuals and small business owners for 20 years, helping them get the most from their computers and computer networks, while avoiding unproductive downtime.

“This is a very people-oriented business,” he explains. “Anyone can learn technical skills, but it takes real talent to explain computers to people in language they can understand.

“There’s a huge niche of people and small business owners out there who need help, or an ‘IT Department on-call’.”

Zeidan and his nerds know all the main software programs. They can help anyone from outright beginners to power users, from one-person home offices to large organizations.

“While we focus on providing friendly, personal service to individuals and small business owners, we are very ‘corporate’ in that our technicians are employees, not contractors, and we have full-time reception and office staff,” Edward explains.

Nerd4Rent can help you with almost everything related to computers, on both Windows machines and Macs. They offer training, and build web pages. They can set up small networks of computers and printers, or hook you up to high-speed internet.

Nerd4Rent friendly, cost-effective computer techs will come to your home or business in Oakland and Berkeley, and throughout the East Bay.

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