Grace Santana Plumbing


Grace Santana Plumbing
License: 525396
1475 Dolores
San Francisco, California
Voice: (415) 641-4740
Also listed in:
Contra Costa County


  • “We had a leak under the kitchen sink and she was so thorough, clean, and answered any questions. She’s very helpful and she always gives me great suggestions.”

  • “She’s terrific! I’ve used her for a number of years, and she’s always thorough in troubleshooting and repairs. She explains all of the work that needs to be done. I really like how considerate she is. There are no surprises. Grace is terrific and helpful. She’s the best!”

  • “She has worked for us for 3 years, maybe more. She’s fixed practically everything. She is honest, and takes real pride in her work. I really trust her. She’s got the zen of plumbing down, is very caring, and has always helped me when I’ve had a plumbing emergency.”

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Grace Santana has a motto – “Plumbing With A Smile,” and she really means it. No sour-faced workers who stomp through your home leaving a mess in their wake. Grace makes it a priority to keep her spirits up and yours, too.

“I leave your home the way I found it,” says Grace. “I wear clean clothes, I do a thorough job – and I won’t dirty up your house.”

Grace has run her residential plumbing business for more than 20 years, after spending three years as a pipe-fitter on commercial buildings downtown.

Grace works on every job, usually by herself. She does everything from minor repairs, and clearing stopped drains and garbage disposals, to solving mysterious leaks and small remodeling jobs, like changing faucets and installing new sinks and toilets.

Grace has a fully stocked truck, and can solve most problems on the spot, saving you time and money. She’ll usually quote you a flat rate for the work before she starts work, so you’ll know what to expect. She guarantees parts and labor for one year.

“I love my job,” she says. “I really enjoy working with different people, and demystifying the subject of plumbing. I want people to know that Grace is here whenever they need her!”

Grace is available for appointments six days a week, Monday through Saturday, 7a.m. to 4 p.m.

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